Technology has impacted every single facet of our daily lives, both personal and business. In business, referrals make up over 50% of transactions, with closing rates of 85%! We still manage our B2B referrals in an archaic manner, when technology can easily make this process more efficient. 

Wait no longer, REFPipeline.com is revolutionizing the way B2B interactions and referrals take place.

Referrals are submitted, processed, allocated and delivered to the proper recipient matching the desired skillset, geographic, and demographic profile needed to make the transaction flow smoothly!

Our proprietary artificial intelligence technology ranks our subscribers by their referral submissions, and tracks and scores each subscriber to boost their rankings for the next referral to be received. It’s that simple!

Sign up, submit referrals, and establish your ranking to RECEIVE business-to-business referrals matching your service expertise! Hence our trademark:

Refer. Receive. Repeat.™

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