How It Works

Paying for costly, time wasting leads is obsolete. The future of real estate and all business referrals has arrived!

Introducing! Technology's solution for getting more business in your pocket while leveraging the power of our entire industry and its great support businesses.

The combination of cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence have enabled us to create the ultimate business referral tool that the real estate industry has long asked for, and deserves.

Our patent pending system allows you to effortlessly pass unlimited numbers of referrals through the pipeline to fellow community members anywhere in the U.S.

Each time you send a valid referral, you automatically move up in rank to receive reciprocal referrals as a motivational reward. As a way of thanking you for your loyalty to your REFPipeline membership, your referrals will come to you via text on your mobile device to allow you to seamlessly Refer.Receive.Repeat.™

REFPipeline is a prestigious club and we are very particular about our members. Only licensed professionals or businesses may join and, like any fine club, you cannot simply pay and be admitted. You must be nominated and apply. Apply today and nominate your industry friends as well! Our ever-growing referrer base allows everyone to prosper. Every time we accept one of your nominees into the pipeline, you will earn referral credits to further boost your status towards receiving more referrals.

BOOST Your Member Ranking and Increase Your Referral Exposure By:

  • Initiating referrals for services needed
  • Uploading training & informational videos to our LEARN page to promote your business
  • Accepting incoming referrals for your business
  • Nominating your favorite local service providers to REFPipeline.


It's as easy as: Earn. Learn. Save.™

Earn. Our unique system will allow you to instantly send and receive unlimited amounts of referrals. Unlike the often fruitless leads from the large portals, these referrals are coming from other REFPipeline pros who have clients who need and want your services ... potential real business.

Learn. We want you to up your game, close more sales and do better with your business. That is why we have amazing coaches, authors, speakers and instructors for you on our "members only" education page to help you to be successful!

Save. Your REFPipeline membership entitles you to access thousands of national and local deals and discounts for entertainment, shows, restaurants, movies, events, and much more! Our unique geo-fenced local deals will pop up on your phone and alert you to great deals close by!